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Excavator engine dry air filter.

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 24, 2018

At present, the air filters commonly used in excavator diesel engines are divided into three types: inertia type, filter type and comprehensive type, which can be divided into two types: dry type and wet type. The wet air filter is gradually eliminated due to its own limitations. Most of the excavators use the rotary dust dry two-core air filter, or dry air filter.

Dry type air cleaner for level 1 about device, the device can make the whirl, getting into the dry type air filter of the air through the centrifugation to separate the larger dust particles to the centrifugal area periphery, the highest 85% of dust in the air can be separated and isolated from the dust is collected dust exhausting valve.

Dry air filter is the second level of paper main filter, and its filtration efficiency is up to 99.9%, which can be separated from the remaining dust in the air of the paper main filter.

When the main filter element is filtered normally, the safety filter inside the main filter will not work. Only when the main filter is sealed or damaged, it will be able to protect the engine. The filter paper has high permeability, small resistance and low filtration efficiency. It is not allowed to start the engine when only the safety filter is installed.

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