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Excavator extension arm for use and maintenance.

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2018

Excavator use and maintenance: extended arm extended arm under the harsh environment operation for a long time, can reduce maintenance extended arm extended arm fault, prolong the service life of extended arm, better improve work efficiency, the extended arm to reach the best state.

1. Lengthen the large arm and beat the butter at least twice a day. When working in the muddy water, if the working device connects the pin shaft to the water, clean and add the butter after each completion. Check to see if the connection area is filled with butter before each assignment. After each addition of butter, operate the arm, bucket and bucket several times, then add butter until the old butter is squeezed out.

2. Work in the coastal area or in the corrosion area, thoroughly clean the whole machine after operation to remove the salt, and add butter or oil in the place where necessary to avoid rust. In the cold winter operation, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder must be returned to the hydraulic cylinder to avoid the soil and water sticking to the piston rod, and damage the hydraulic cylinder seal ring.

Precautions for construction of extended arm excavator:

A. When the excavator is rotated, it must be 0.5 meters from the ground.

B. When the bucket is inserted into the working medium, it cannot walk and rotate.

C. The piston rod movement of hydraulic cylinder cannot reach the end of the trip, and a small safe distance should be kept.

Don't use a shovel as a pickaxe, a broken hammer, or a pile.

E, do not use extended arms to lift heavy objects.

F. For rocky ground, use other methods to break and then dig.

G. During transportation or excavation work, the extended arm cannot produce a violent collision.

H. Use a bucket that is suitable for digging, and can not use a bucket that exceeds or is loaded, which directly affects the service life of the excavator and extension arm.

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