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Failure analysis: why is the rotary support of excavator different?

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 18, 2018

       In the work, the excavator can rotate and rotate, and the rotary support is an important part of the rotary mechanism. The rotary support of excavator is mainly used to support the body mass and the working load, which is also the place where the excavator is prone to failure.

       As a result of the excavator slewing bearing is generally in the big work load conditions, coupled with the excavator working conditions are bad, slewing bearing is easy to fail, common is appear all sorts of different loud noise. What is the cause of the difference? What should be done to troubleshoot?

       First of all, it needs to be clear that when the rotating support is empty, it will make a uniform sound of rolling steel ball, which is normal sound. If it is not too long after the installation, it does not matter if the slightest abnormity occurs, it will generally disappear after a period of rotation. What we're talking about today is a loud and special sound, and you need to be careful when you hear a particular noise.

      First, the mounting surface is uneven, installation bolts are loose.

In the case of abnormal sound, it is necessary for the installation operation. When the installation surface is not level, it will cause negative clearance of the raceway, thus producing an abnormal sound. In addition, when the pinion meshes not well, there may also be an abnormal noise, which will cause the fault of the broken tooth. In addition, when the installation bolts are loose, resulting in the elastic deformation of the rotary support and the negative clearance of the deformation position, it is necessary to immediately check and tighten the bolts as required.

         Second, there is a foreign body in the slewing.

When the inside of the rotary support has sand grains, iron chips and other foreign bodies, the non-periodic vibration will occur, and there will be a failure of rotation. When this situation is encountered, the bearing, shaft, seat hole and matching parts should be thoroughly cleaned before installation to remove the foreign body in the lubricant in time. Be sure to avoid using materials that are not pure or inlaid with foreign material to keep the frame in place so that the appropriate noise can be removed.

         Third, the problem caused by grease problems.

The rotary support of excavator is lubricated by grease, and the difference is likely caused by lubrication problem. The common reasons are the lack of grease in the raceway, uneven grease filling, poor quality of grease, wrong lubricants and so on. To solve this problem, you can solve the problem by simply using the appropriate lubricant, timely adding and replacing it in time.

            Fourth, the damage caused by the sealing strip.

Check whether the seal is worn or not, because the structure of the rotary supporting seal is crucial to the sealing. When the sealing strip is not fully fit with the rotary support, it is easy to cause grease leakage. Besides, the aging resistance and yellow oil resistance of the sealing strip are also considered.

               Fifth, the crack, indentation or corrosion caused by the abnormal sound.

When rotary bearing rolling surface, such as crack, indentation, or rust, also heard like rivet rivet periodic vibration, scars on the channel occurred in a row, scars on the ball, and the noise with the installation and lubrication condition and have certain changes. The method of liberation is to install without tapping the bearing or to use a high viscosity grease.

                 Sixth, the raceway and rolling body are badly worn.

In the process of turning the excavator, it is very likely that there is a serious wear and tear on the rotary supporting roller and the rolling body, which needs to be repaired at this time.

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