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Features of the fast connector for excavators.

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 04, 2018

Excavator quick connector, also called quick change joint, quick connection head. Quick connector can quickly switch installation, a variety of configurations in excavator parts (scoop, scarifier, hammer, hydraulic shear, etc.), can enlarge the excavator use scope, and can save time, improve working efficiency. It is a product of structural parts, consisting of main body, movable block, hydraulic cylinder, pin shaft and so on.

Quick connector characteristics: 1. High strength materials; Suitable for all types of 3-80 tonnage;

2. Use the safety device of the liquid control one-way valve to ensure safety;

3. The excavator configuration is not required to be refitted, and it can be replaced without removing the pin shaft, so the installation is quick and can greatly improve the working efficiency.

4. There is no need to manually drop the hammer between the crushing hammer and the dipper, and gently move the switch for 10 seconds to complete the interchangeover between the dipper and the crushing hammer, saving time, effort and convenience.

5. The main application is to change the front-end work device of excavator frequently and frequently. In the long run, one device is to avoid installation.

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