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How to reduce the wear of excavator walking mechanism?

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 09, 2018

        The following is to explain the method of reducing wear of the excavator walking mechanism, which is beneficial to the long-term use of excavator walking mechanism, which can save more money. The walking part of the excavator is composed of the supporting sprocket wheel, the supporting wheel, the driving wheel and the rail link, etc. When it is running to a certain time, the parts will have a certain degree of wear and tear. However, if the daily idea is maintained, a little time spent on proper maintenance can avoid the "big operation of the digger's leg" in the future. You can save a considerable amount of maintenance funds, and also avoid the delay of maintenance due to maintenance.

        The first point: the supporting wheel, the mounting bolt of the supporting sprocket wheel, the track plate bolt, the driving wheel mounting bolt, and the walking pipe bolt, etc., because the machine is easy to shake and loosen after working long time. For example, if the crawler bolts are loose, the machine will continue to operate, even leading to a gap between the crawler plate and the bolt, leading to cracks in the crawler plate. Moreover, the generation of gaps may also increase the bolt holes between the track and the track, resulting in the failure to tighten and have to replace the serious consequences of the crawler and rail link. Therefore, bolts and nuts should be checked and tightened regularly to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.

       The second point: if you repeatedly walk on the sloping ground for a long time and suddenly turn, you will make the rail link side contact with the side of the driving wheel and the guide wheel to increase the degree of wear. As a result, avoid walking and swerving in the sloped area as much as possible. A straight line and a big turn can effectively prevent wear.

       Third point: if it continues to be used in a condition that is unable to operate in a part of the sprocket wheel and a support wheel, it may cause the roller grinding to be deflated, and may also cause the wear of the rail link. If you find a wheel that is not working, you must repair it immediately! In this way, other faults can be avoided.

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