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It's very common to dig into the water, but the engine is flooded! What do you need to do?

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Every year to buy second-hand excavators of users, are on the rise, according to data for the local engineering need, many don't understand engineering machinery of the individual or company users were buying, but buying and not to do the repair and maintenance of the engine intake are also don't know, sometimes even to introduce everyone to second-hand excavators in motivation and/or equipment operation and new water how to deal with:

In the process of excavator driving or operation, the engine water is often used. As long as there is no damage or swelling deformation of the water ring, the spring force of water seal is insufficient or broken, can also carry out emergency treatment.

Emergency treatment of particular way is: if the water seal of pump because of the untight seal leaking slightly, but not so serious wear and tear, can spread a cloth on glass or tablet, the water seal sealing surface grinding smooth; It can also be used when the bakelite water is turned over. But also note that the contact surface on the water cover and the pump body should be ground to ensure its sealing performance.

Excavator pump damage was very severe, on the way and no repair condition, can be directly connected to engine pump inlet and outlet pipe, in order to make full use of the natural circulation of hot and cold water temporarily keep engine normal temperature; Or use a tube as a container or bucket, it firmly in place, and then from the container two hose, smokes on the engine inlet, the other one on the outlet of the engine, the other end of the two pipes are inserted into the container, and hose should be fixed firmly. If only the water pump case is cracked and leaking, the cracks can be cleaned and then used with adhesive. In case of emergency, use egg white and cement paste to apply to the cracks. After a few minutes, it can be used.

If there are homework excavator engine pump leakage, shall immediately stop the work, should keep it in the lowest stable speed, at the same time, adding water and water in the cooling system within (note: when you open the flap with water, should be put on top of a cover, to prevent from water vapor burns), make the engine cooling, a short period of time, slow down, drive to nearby shelter to rule out. If the water pump case is broken and water leakage, or if the pump is damaged and the pump water is lost, the relevant parts can be replaced as appropriate to eliminate the fault.

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