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National standards for excavators

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2018

Hydraulic excavator is in recent years in China construction machinery industry equipment of the fastest growing in the model, in order to better specification of the product design, process, production, testing, safety requirements, such as assessed by the national standardization committee, organized by China construction machinery industry association excavator branch is responsible for the formulation, revision of the new excavator national standard (draft) has been completed, the new standards set by the involved all hosts and form a complete set of specialized enterprises, is currently for advice, the transfer of the full text, to spread the word about the business enterprise, please review carefully follow.

National standards for new excavators (draft)

Hydraulic excavator


China's first regulations on quality assurance for excavators have come into effect

High-profile excavator excavator industry product quality regulation of the People's Republic of China after four meetings, ask for the users and experts, including more than 20 excavator manufacturing enterprises, mainly in the maintenance of domestic excavator consensus on consumer interests, and the effect from today.

Provisions on quality assurance of excavator products in China's excavator industry

(the buyer) to correct maintenance consumers rights and interests, maintain the market economic order, and all of the People's Republic of China by the administration for industry and commerce) (or provincial, municipal administration for industry and commerce registration and engaged in excavator machine manufacturing enterprises in China, of excavator products sold within the territory of China must abide by the provisions of this quality assurance.

1. Free regular inspection and guidance maintenance system shall be implemented during the quality guarantee period

1, excavator manufacturers or authorized agents (the supplier) within warranty for free for the buyer to provide more than three times the excavator regularly check and direct to the buyer for routine maintenance and maintenance.

2. The demander shall provide necessary cooperation to the supplier in implementing the free regular inspection and guidance maintenance system. Provide the supplier with real working time, working place and necessary downtime for excavator.

3. If the excavator fails due to lack of normal maintenance work, the fault party shall be responsible for the loss.

Ii. Quality guarantee period

The supplier must provide the buyer with a quality guarantee period of not less than one year or 2000h (1500h for excavators with working quality less than or equal to 13t). Confirmation method is: product quality guarantee period for the direction of the first final buyer as of the date of delivery, excavator actual running time of 2000 h (for the quality of work less than or equal to 13 t excavator for 1500 h) or a year, in both cases the arrival time of first shall prevail. Any special price (including second-hand excavators) declared by the supplier to the buyer in advance shall not be subject to this restriction. When the excavator is installed with special non-standard equipment (such as hydraulic hammer), the warranty period shall not be subject to this limitation, which shall be separately agreed in the contract.

Iii. Quality assurance responsibility

During the period of quality assurance, the supplier shall be obliged to repair or replace the defective parts free of charge if any part constituting the excavator is defective in design and manufacture. The demander is obligated to cooperate as necessary. The supplier has the right to recover the replacement parts. During the use of excavator, the demander shall have the responsibility of routine inspection, failure notification and taking necessary measures to prevent the failure from expanding.

Iv. During the quality guarantee period, the following situations are not within the scope of quality guarantee:

1. Loss or defect caused by accident, use or improper storage, negligence or disaster.

2. Losses or defects caused by the use of spare parts or installation accessories provided by the non-supplier without the written confirmation of the supplier or the supplier's authorized special maintenance shop.

3. Situations in which the supplier or personnel outside the franchised maintenance shop authorized by the supplier perform maintenance or modification to affect the performance and use of the machine.

4. Improper maintenance of the machine.

5. The applicability of the machine to a particular environment (not limited to those who have promised in advance).

6. Failure due to improper use of fuel oil.

V. scope of quality assurance not provided

Under the premise of declaration in advance, the supplier shall be entitled to the following materials, spare parts as the scope of quality assurance are provided: oil, grease, fan belt, gasket, fuse, brake lining and clutch lining, filter, tyres, cables, carbon brush, glass, light bulbs, nozzle, cigarette lighter, fuel pump plunger, delivery valve, bucket and other similar parts.

Vi. Quality defect compensation

For excavator quality defects caused by the buyer in the case of a person or property damage, apply the law of the People's Republic of China on product quality standard ", "consumer rights and interests of the People's Republic of China protects a law" the relevant provisions.

Seven, other

1. When the supplier fulfills its normal statutory maintenance obligations, the demander shall provide appropriate cooperation. If the demander refuses to cooperate, such as hiding the working place of excavator and intentionally damaging the project

If the device, GPS system and other obstacles are installed, the supplier shall have the right to suspend the service obligation, and the customer shall be responsible for the loss caused thereby.

2, excavator important components such as main engine, hydraulic pump, the main valve, traveling mechanism, slewing mechanism and main structure (movable arm, arm, platform, lower frame) there was a big failure in the quality guarantee period and the same fault although three times or more than three major maintenance still cannot restore the original function, the buyer shall have the right to require the replacement of new parts, is particularly serious, the buyer shall have the right to return.

3. In the absence of any special written agreement between the supplier and the buyer, both parties shall be deemed to have accepted all such provisions.

4. These provisions shall come into force on the date of promulgation.

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