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The assembling process of excavator?

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2018

The assembly process of excavator is as follows:

(1) fix the structure and working device before disassembly and installation, list the parts one by one and prepare them.

(2) when assembling all metal parts, it must be cleaned with synthetic cleaning agent. Before assembling, the mating surface of parts must be coated with grease or hydraulic oil to make the assembly smooth and prevent rust.

(4) put the disassembled parts in an appropriate order and mark the parts connected to each other to ensure proper assembly.

(5) if a part cannot be separated smoothly, check whether there are bolts or nuts that have not been opened, or whether there is interference with adjacent parts before using greater force to remove them.

(6) when hitting a part, be sure to put a wooden or plastic hammer on it.

(7) before assembling the hydraulic components, they shall be cleaned and the adjacent parts cleaned. Cover the oil outlet with lid, joint, nut, etc. To prevent the outside from entering.

(8) when lifting a heavy part, use lifting equipment and maintain balance.

(7) inspect each part for damage, failure and wear, repair or replace if necessary.

(9) assembly or removal of hydraulic components must be carried out at a clean site. Before assembling, each part must be cleaned with detergent and blown dry with compressed air to avoid cotton yarn or cotton cloth. All O - shaped sealing rings used must be replaced.

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