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Use of excavator

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2018

1. Backhoe operation

The backhoe operation is generally carried out below the ground, mainly by digging.

(1) use bucket pole and bucket to dig together. When the bucket hydraulic cylinder and connecting rod, rod hydraulic cylinder and fights the pole at 90 ° Angle, can achieve maximum digging force and the mining efficiency.

(2) keep the direction of the bucket teeth in line with the mining direction to minimize the excavation resistance and wear of the bucket teeth.

2. Shovel operation

The shovel operation is generally carried out above the ground, and the rotation mode of the shovel bucket is opposite to that of the backhoe. Use the bucket pole hydraulic cylinder to scrape the ground. The digging force when shoveling is smaller than that of backshoveling.

3. Trenching operation

By configuring the shovel bucket corresponding to the width of the ditch, the track on both sides is parallel to the side line of the ditch to be dug, so as to carry out the trenching work efficiently. When digging a wide trench, dig both sides first, and finally remove the middle part.

4. Loading operation

When loading operations, should first move the excavator to load the truck, lest rotary bucket when touch and truck cab or other personnel, and at the back of the truck loaded more easily than beside the truck. It is more convenient to load the car from front to back, and the load is large.

5. Flat ground

(1) fill and level the ground first and move the shovel back and forth horizontally.

(2) when the excavator moves, do not use press or shovel to level the ground.

(3) from the ground in front of the excavator and level off, and then gently pull the arm, slowly ascending movable arm, when the bucket rod than vertical position, small mouth first decline movable arm, then operate the machine, let the bucket moving in horizontal way.

What is a digger?

Excavator is a special kind of engineering vehicle, which consists of rotating platform, large shovel and mechanical arm. Usually on a caterpillar or wheel. Because of its special appearance, there are various names for it in the line, such as strange hand, backhoe, excavator, etc. According to the development of engineering machinery in recent years, the development of excavator is relatively fast, and excavator has become one of the most important engineering machinery in the construction. The three most important parameters of a excavator are operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity.

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