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Application Of Electronic And Automatic Technology

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2018

The application of electronic and automatic technology in excavator is rapidly expanded. In the 1970 s, in order to save energy and reduce pollution to the environment, to make excavators and safe operation of the light, the noise of the excavator, improve the driver working conditions, the gradual application of electronic and automatic control technology in mining. As the excavator's working efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, convenient operation, safe and comfortable, reliable, durable and so on the improvement of the performance requirements, prompted the mechanical and electrical integration of liquid in the application of the excavator and its various performance has a qualitative leap. In the 1980 s, with microelectronics technology as the core of high and new technology, especially the computer, microprocessors, sensors and instrumentation in the application of excavator, promotes the electronic control technology application and popularization in excavator, and has become the important sign of modernization of excavator, i.e. on the advanced mining is equipped with automatic idle speed and engine throttle control system, power optimization system and working mode control system, monitoring system of electric control system, etc.

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