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Basic Knowledge Of Excavators

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2018

1. Excavator is a fixed asset with large economic investment. In order to improve the service life of excavator and obtain greater economic benefits, it is necessary to appoint people, set machines, set jobs and define responsibilities. When the post must be transferred, the equipment shall be handed over.

2. After the excavator enters the construction site, the driver shall first observe the geological conditions of the working face and the surrounding environment. There shall be no obstacles within the rotating radius of the excavator to avoid any scratch or damage to the vehicle.

3. After the machine is started, no person is allowed to stand in the bucket, on the arm of the shovel and on the track to ensure safe production.

4. Excavator at work, it is forbidden for any personnel within the radius of gyration or bucket stay or walk the following work, the driver must not enter the cabin to touch to touch, may not take train drivers, lest cause damage to electrical equipment.

5. Excavators in Thebes, the pilot should observe and honking, after Noah, avoid mechanical side someone cause safety accidents, and after a position to ensure that the rotation radius of excavator space without any obstacles, it is forbidden to illegal operation.

6. After the completion of the work, the excavator should be removed from the low-lying areas or the edge of the geosyncline (trench), parked on the ground, closed doors and Windows and locked.

7. The driver must do the daily maintenance, repair and maintenance of the equipment, keep a daily record of the use of the equipment, find out that the vehicle has problems and cannot carry out operations with diseases, and report the repair in time.

8. The driving room must be clean and tidy, and the surface of the body should be kept clean, free from dust and oil pollution. Get into the habit of cleaning your car after work.

9. The driver shall timely complete the records of the day shift, make statistics on the work content of the day, timely complete the formalities for the odd jobs or zero items outside the project, and make records for the use of accounts.

10. During the working period, drivers are strictly prohibited from drinking at noon and driving under the influence of alcohol. If found out, they shall be liable for economic losses caused thereby.

11. To the person causes the vehicle damage, should analyze the reason, find out the problem, distinguish the responsibility, according to the responsibility weight of economic punishment.

12. To set up the high sense of responsibility, to ensure safety in production, work earnestly and build communication and service, do a good job in bilateral relations, set up the good work style, responsive to the development of the enterprise and benefit, to work hard.

13. Excavator operation belongs to special operation, which requires special operation certificate to drive excavator operation.

14. Do maintenance is must follow maintain taboo.

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