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Classification Of Excavator Parts And Components

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2018

The engine

Ac generator engine starter motor assembly and related parts and related parts fan casing cooling fan pumps and related parts diesel fuel filter and line pumps and related parts before the oil filter and oil cooler pipeline oil pump pulley tappet rocker cover the camshaft gear transmission system and related parts and related parts the crankshaft connecting rod piston shock absorbers and related parts and related parts and related parts flywheel speed flywheel shell oil level sensor record oil sump oil and related parts before the oil level sensor ventilation hose cover oil pressure cylinder block and related parts joint warm thermostat, and install a turbocharger shell muffler exhaust manifold and related parts And related parts of the air inlet pipe and related parts after the cylinder cover hook water temperature sensor cylinder cover and related parts of the engine repair kit

Engine related parts

Engine control panel and associated parts water anticorrosion device fuel control device air filter connection device engine seat (bracket and cushion) shock absorber and pipe main pump connection parts

The cooling system

Fan cover hydraulic oil radiator and related parts of the cooler and related parts water radiator and related parts

Fuel tank and related parts

Fuel tank cover fuel line fuel tank and related parts

Electrical system

Power switch and button horn working lamp wire and related accessory battery

The hydraulic system

Pressure switch solenoid valve overflow valve hydraulic pipeline main pump and related parts main valve and related parts hydraulic oil tank and related parts

Main/turntable and related parts

Turntable (plate and apron) turntable (cover and bracket)

Cab and control system

Floor frame (lever and valve) floor frame (frame and butterfly type gasket) after floor frame (put foot) (right) (put foot) (left) floor floor frame frame (walking control) (floor) the cab floor frame (computer board) cab (monitor) cabin (attachment) cab (radio) cabin (wipers and room lights) bridge (the door) (door) window (top) cab cab cab (under Windows) bridge (window) seat back cover cab cab assembly seats

The fuselage cover

Weight distribution mounting parts weight distribution mirror armrest right side box cover (hood)(upper) baffle (hood) right side door (hood) left side door (hood) frame (hood) cover

Rotary support and related parts

Center joint and related parts rotary motor (connecting parts) rotary mechanism rotary support

Walking assembly and related parts

Walking speed reducer walking motor and parts final drive assembly


Chain rail assembly of wheel excavator parts drives gear crawler support heavy wheel guard caterpillar board support sprocket support heavy wheel support heavy wheel tightening device guide wheel

Working device

Bucket and its accessory arm and its accessory arm and its accessories

The air conditioning system

Air conditioner (rear ventilator) air conditioner (hose) air conditioner (ventilator) condenser assembly fan assembly assembly assembly (cooler) compressor assembly

Repair kit and parts

Hammer repair kits related skeleton oil seal hydraulic hammer broken parts kits lever kits when tight oil cylinder repair kits main valve repair bales walking motor repair kits rotary motor repair center swivel joint repair kits bucket cylinder repair kits bucket rod oil cylinder repair kits movable arm oil cylinder repair kits main pump repair kits

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