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Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 25, 2018

By the end of 1980s, China had more than 30 excavator factories and more than 40 types of machines. Medium and small hydraulic excavator has formed series, bucket volume is 0.1 ~ 2.5 cubic meters 12 grades, such as more than 20 models, also produce 0.5-4 cubic meters and large mining 10 cubic meters, 12 cubic meters of mechanical drive single bucket excavator, excavator, 1 cubic meters of tunnel 4 cubic meters long arm excavator, 1000 m3 / h displacement machine and so on, has also developed 0.25 cubic meters of Marine hydraulic excavator bucket capacity, bucket capacity of 0.4 cubic meters, 0.6 cubic meters, 0.8 m&sup 3; The amphibious excavator and so on. However, in general, there is a big gap between China's excavators and the international advanced level in terms of small volume, dispersal, production technology and product quality.

Since the reform and opening up, we have actively introduced, digested and absorbed advanced foreign technologies to promote the development of China's excavator industry. Of guiyang mining machinery works, Shanghai construction machinery, mining machinery, hefei Yangtze river mining factory, respectively, such as the introduction of Germany Liebherr (Liebherr) company A912. R912. R942. A922. R922. R962. R972. R982 type hydraulic excavator manufacturing technology. A few years later, hangzhou heavy machinery factory introduction of Germany, maggic Demag company H55 and H85 type hydraulic excavator production technology, Beijing construction machinery factory introduction of the German plus RH6 (0 & K) company, kay and MH6 type hydraulic excavator manufacturing techniques. And at the same time, shandong bulldozer factory (its excavator production base was renamed mountain reconstruction machine co., LTD., including STRONG and JCM two brands), Yellow River engineering machinery factory, Jiang Xichang Lin machinery factory, shandong linyi engineering machinery factory has introduced the Japanese komatsu PC100, PC120. PC200, PC220 PC300, PC400 type hydraulic excavator (except engine) of a full set of manufacturing technology. Through the digestion, absorption and transplantation of the technology introduced by these factories for several years, the performance indexes of domestic hydraulic excavator products have been raised to the international level in the 1980s, and the output has been increasing year by year. Due to the increasing domestic demand for hydraulic excavator, diversification, and the adjustment of product structure in state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, and affects other machinery industry manufacturers to join hydraulic excavator industry.

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