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Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 21, 2018

Excavator accessories are mainly composed of two parts: mechanical parts and electronic accessories.

1, mechanical parts are purely mechanical parts, to provide power support, mainly hydraulic pump, grab bucket, big arm, crawler, engine and so on.

2, electronic parts are the driving and controlling parts of the excavator, which are used to drive mechanical parts to work reasonably, mainly including computer version, hydraulic flow controller, angle sensor, diesel meter, fuse, ignition switch, oil sucking pump and so on.

The mechanical parts and the driving control parts are complementary, using the electronic control part to drive and coordinate the effective work of the mechanical parts. The situation of the mechanical parts is fed back to the electronic control components through the electronic components, and then the work of the excavator is more effectively coordinated, and the maximum working efficiency is achieved, if the excavator is excavator in the daily use. Accessories have problems, can find a professional excavator accessories shop for maintenance, such as the Carter excavator accessories demand can be found in Southern China six provinces and Xinjiang agent Xinchang machine company to carry out after-sales maintenance.

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