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Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Develop a variety of multi-functional, high quality and high efficiency excavator. In order to meet the needs of municipal construction and farmland construction, micro-excavators with bucket capacity of less than 0.25 m3 have been developed in foreign countries. The minimum bucket capacity is only 0.01 m3. In addition, the largest number of medium and small excavators tend to one machine can, equipped with a variety of work device, in addition to the shovel, the shovel, also equipped with a crane, grab, flat slope, loading fights, tine, crushing cone, twist drill, magnetic chuck, vibrator, bulldozing plate, impact shovel, the work high above the frame, fork, hinged plate and pulling scraper, so as to meet the needs of all kinds of construction. Meanwhile, special excavators for special purposes, such as low specific pressure, low noise, special underwater excavators and amphibious excavators, have been developed.

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