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Excavator Walking Device

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Walking device or chassis, including crawler frame and walking system, mainly by the crawler frame, walking motor + reducer and its piping, driving wheel, guide wheel, chain wheel, roller, caterpillar, tensioning of buffer device, its function to support the weight of the excavator, and the driving wheel transmission power into the traction, achieve the walking machine.

Frame assembly (i.e. the crawler walking frame assembly) for whole product, USES the X structure, its main advantage is with high bearing capacity. From left girder frame assembly (i.e. the crawler frame from left), the main frame longitudinal beam (middle frame), right (that is, the right side frame) three parts welded together. The weight of the frame assembly is 2 tons.

Central swivel joint is connected oil hydraulic slewing platform and chassis components, it guarantees slewing platform after rotation at any Angle, the walking motor can normal oil distribution, current rotary joint is 5 

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