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Fluid Pump Flow Regulation

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 11, 2018

    After the failure occurs, first confirm whether the hydraulic oil is replaced in time. After eliminating the hydraulic oil problem, you can first try to fine-tune the regulator on the hydraulic pump. The flow adjustment of the hydraulic pump is actually changed by the servo piston in the regulator to change the tilt angle of the pump, thus changing the plunger stroke to change the flow rate.
    There is also a way to participate in the Bevel variable pump control, reverse flow control. There is a central oil channel in the multi-channel valve. When the handle is not operated, the multi-channel valve core is in the middle position, or the handle slightly moves through the pilot oil to cause the valve core to move slightly. The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic pump reaches the control valve through the central oil channel. The bottom overflow valve, The direction flow is generated by supercharging through the bottom overflow valve. When the digger is not operated after starting, the hydraulic loop is returned to the fuel tank and the hydraulic system part establishes pressure.

    Note: During the adjustment process, the P1/P2 pump regulator adjusts the same angle at the same time, records the position before adjustment with a pen line, and the failure phenomenon after adjustment has not been resolved. It is necessary to restore the angle before debugging.

1. Slow or suffocate under light load

Adjustment steps: 1(grey) with an open wrench; 2 Use an opening wrench to fine-tune 2(yellow, about 15 degrees each time) to adjust to normal; 3 Tighten the lock nut 1(gray).

 2. Heavy load slow or choke
Adjustment steps: 1 Release 4(blue) with an open wrench; 2 Use the opening wrench to fine-tune 3(red, about 15 degrees each time) to adjust to normal; 3 Tighten the lock nut 4(blue).

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