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Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Repair Process

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2018

1. Use oxy-acetylene flame to bake the scratches (control the temperature, avoid surface annealing), and roast the oil that percolates the metal surface all year round until there is no spark.

2. The scratches shall be treated with the surface of the Angle grinder, with a grinding depth of more than 1mm, and a groove shall be formed along the outer wall of the cylinder barrel, preferably a swallow tail groove. Drilling at both ends of the cut is deepened to change the force.

3. Clean the surface by dipping the absorbent cotton into acetone or anhydrous ethanol.

4. Apply evenly blended metal repair materials of meijiawa-fosland 2211F to the scratched surface; The first layer should be thin, evenly and completely covering the scratch surface to ensure the best adhesion between the material and the metal surface. Then, the material should be applied to the whole repair site and pressed repeatedly to ensure that the material is filled and reached the required thickness, making it slightly higher than the outer wall surface of cylinder barrel.

5, material completely under 24 ℃ achieve various performance need to 24 hours, in order to save time, can improve temperature by halogen tungsten lamp, the temperature of each ascending 11 ℃, the curing time will be shorten half, the best curing temperature of 70 oc.

6. After the material is solidified, use fine grindstone or scraper to repair the material above the outer wall of cylinder tube and finish the construction.

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