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Hydraulic Cylinder Plunger Cut

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 06, 2018

A hydraulic cylinder is an actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. After using for a period of time, the fault is caused by the wear of seals, cylinder bore, inner wall scratch, inner wall corrosion, piston or piston rod scratch, etc. The sealing performance of the pressure cylinder of the actuator of the hydraulic equipment directly affects the performance of the equipment. Especially, it is difficult and costly to repair or replace the parts of the larger hydraulic cylinder after its sealing performance is damaged.

Foslan 2211F polymer composite was used to solve the serious scratches on the piston wall in the hydraulic cylinder. The results showed that the polymer composite restorative materials have strong adhesion, excellent resistance to pressure and balanced comprehensive physical and chemical properties, good wear resistance, through the daub, a grinding out after curing with size, exempt from machining the plunger scratch at the site, to avoid scrap replacement, prolong the service life of equipment, minimize downtime of enterprise production time and reduce the maintenance costs.

Macromolecular composite material is composed of polymer, metal or ceramic ultrafine powder, fiber and so on. All kinds of materials complement each other in performance, producing synergistic effect, so that the composite's comprehensive performance is better than that of the original constituent materials. With strong adhesion, mechanical properties, and chemical corrosion resistance, it is widely used in the repair of metal equipment such as mechanical wear, scratch, pit, crack, leakage, casting sand holes and chemical corrosion protection and repair of chemical storage tanks, reaction tanks and pipelines.

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