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Improvement Of Excavator

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2018

We will strengthen labor protection for drivers and improve their working conditions. The hydraulic excavator adopts the cab with the falling object protection structure and tilting protection structure, installs the adjustable elastic seat, and reduces the noise interference with the sound insulation measures.

Further improve the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system of medium - and small-sized hydraulic excavator has an obvious tendency to change to variable system. Because variable system in the process of oil pump work, pressure decreased with increasing flow rate to compensate, make the hydraulic pump power is constant, which is equipped with variable pump hydraulic excavator can regularly make full use of the maximum power of oil pump. When the external resistance increases, the flow rate (reducing speed) is reduced and the excavation force is multiplied. Adopt three-loop hydraulic system. Three independent work movements that do not interfere. Realize power matching with rotary mechanism. The third pump is connected to other working movements, which becomes the second independent fast motion of the open loop. In addition, hydraulic technology is widely used in excavators, creating conditions for the application and promotion of electronic technology and automatic control technology in excavators.

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