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Introduction Of Sany Excavator Products

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2018

More than 1000 R & D engineers of 31 heavy machines have successfully developed 2013 series of C9 series excavators after nearly 2 tests in nearly 2 years. This series of excavators adopt the latest technology of DOMCS dynamic optimization intelligent matching control and so on. From power system to control system, hydraulic system and structure part, 31 exclusive technologies are adopted, and great breakthroughs have been made in the three core aspects of energy saving, high efficiency and reliability, so that the series of machines have long working time and operation efficiency. High, long service life and strong adaptability to environment.

Product features

C9 series 2013 version excavator, this series of excavators use DOMCS dynamic optimization intelligent matching control system and other new technologies, from power system to control system, hydraulic system, structure parts, all use 31 exclusive technology, so that the product compared to the previous generation is more energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and reliability.

3 major promotion

Energy conservation and environmental protection: 31 to build the world's more oil saving excavator, C9 series 2013 excavators using the DOMCS dynamic optimization of intelligent matching control and other energy-saving technologies, become the most economical excavator in the history.

Efficient and durable: 31 to be the master of the world's core technology and performance of the excavator, the C9 series 2013 excavators use a number of technologies to optimize rotary and other technologies, in the realization of energy saving, while the efficiency of operation is improved.

Stable and reliable: the essence of the 31 brand is high reliability. The C9 series 2013 edition excavator has been promoted in the aspects of structural parts strengthening, failure rate reduction and so on, which makes the reliability of the whole machine improved significantly, and the performance is more stable.

6 major upgrades

Driving comfort, operation safety control accuracy, durability maintenance convenience management intelligence

Product classification

The 2013 series of C9 excavator models cover 1.5T - 200T large, medium and small excavated three series and more than 20 varieties.

Mini excavator: SY16C, SY35U

Small excavators: SY55C-9, SY60C-9, SY65C-9, SY75C-9, SY85C-9, SY95C-9, SY115C-9, SY135C-9, SY155C-9

Medium excavators: SY195C-9, SY205C-9, SY215C-9, SY225C-9, SY235C-9, SY265C-9, SY305C-9H, SY335C-9H

Large excavators: SY355H-9, SY365H-9, SY385H-9, SY465H-9, SY700H-8, SY850H-8

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