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Large Helix Angle Structure

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2018

In order to achieve effective and reliable functions, high manufacturing accuracy is required. The inside of the cylinder is well protected from dust, dirt and moisture. This precision is accompanied by a strong, well-sealed enclosure that allows the cylinder to withstand up to 350 bar of working pressure. Swing cylinders can also be used under very harsh conditions, up to 2300 meters underground and below sea level. For example, during the salvage of the Russian atomic submarine Kursk, 224 oscillating cylinders were used to indicate the sea level, which led to the safe implementation of maritime rescue. Oscillating cylinders are even used in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries that require high cleanliness and health care.

Based on the small size of the swing cylinder, strength and reliability cannot be perceived. The most powerful HKS swing cylinder can turn 20 vw Golf cars from one side to the other. The design is based on a system with multiple helical gears. The linear motion of the piston is transformed into rotational motion by multiple helical gears. The longer the piston moves in a straight line, the greater the Angle of rotation.

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