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Plunger Pump Classification

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 07, 2018

Generally divided into single plunger pump, horizontal plunger pump, axial plunger pump and radial plunger pump.

Single plunger pump

The structure mainly consists of eccentric wheel, plunger, spring, cylinder body, two one-way valves. An airtight volume is formed between the plunger and cylinder bore. When the eccentric wheel turns, the plunger moves up and down once, sucking oil downward and discharging oil upward. Each turn of the pump output of the volume of oil, known as displacement, flow rate is only related to the pump's structural parameters.

Horizontal plunger pump

Horizontal plunger pump is installed by several plunger (generally 3 or 6) in parallel, with 1 crankshaft through connecting rod slide block or by the eccentric shaft direct drive plunger reciprocating movement, the realization of liquid suction, discharge hydraulic pump. They also use valve type distribution device, and most are quantitative pump. The emulsion pump in the hydraulic support system of coal mine is generally a horizontal plunger pump.

The emulsion pump is used in the coal mining face to provide the emulsion for the hydraulic support. The working principle of the pump depends on the rotation of the crankshaft to drive the piston to make reciprocating movement, so as to achieve the liquid absorption and drainage.

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