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Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 22, 2018

The action form of a shovel for an excavator. Its characteristic is "go up, force cut earth". Due to the large digging force of the shovel, the soil above the stop surface can be excavated. It is advisable to excavate dry foundation pit with a height of more than 2m, but upper and lower slopes must be set. The excavating bucket of the shovel is larger than the excavating bucket of the backhoe equivalent, which can excavate one to three types of soil with water content less than 27%, and complete the whole excavating transportation with the cooperation of the dump car, and can also excavate large dry foundation pit and earth mound. According to the different positions of the excavating route and the transportation vehicle, the excavating and unloading methods of the forward excavating and lateral excavating are as follows. Dig forward and unload the soil backward.

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