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The Basic Principle Of Plunger Pump

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 29, 2018

The basic principle of plunger pump is very simple. The pump USES the momentum of relatively large moving bodies of water to pull relatively small volumes of water up.

To use a plunger pump, water must be above the pump. For example, there should be a pond on the mountainside so that pumps can be installed below the pond. Water is piped from the pond to the pump. The pump has a valve that allows water to pass through the pipe and accelerate the flow.

1. When the water reaches its maximum speed, the valve is closed.

2. After the valve is closed, the flowing water creates huge pressure in the pump due to inertia.

3. The pressure opens the second valve.

4. High-pressure water flows through the second valve to the water supply pipe (this pipe usually has an air chamber to accommodate as much high-pressure water as possible when the water is flushed).

5. At this time, the pressure in the pump drops. The first valve opens again to allow water to flow and to accumulate momentum again. The second valve closes.

The cycle repeats itself.

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