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The Characteristics Of Forging Production

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2018

Forging (1) the characteristics of forging production was conducted under the conditions of hot metal such as mild steel forging temperature range between 750 ~ 1 250 ℃), because there are a lot of manual work, a bit not careful it may be burned. (2) the heating furnace and hot ingots, blanks and forgings for forging operations constantly emit a large amount of radiant heat (the forgings still have a fairly high temperature at the end of the forging press), and workers are often subjected to thermal radiation. (3) the smoke and dust discharged from the heating furnace during the process of forging into the air of the workshop not only affects the hygiene, but also reduces the visibility in the workshop (especially for the heating furnace burning solid fuel), increasing the possibility of accidents. (4) the equipment used in forging process, such as air hammer, steam hammer, friction press, etc., will give out impact force when working. When the equipment is subjected to such impact loads, it is prone to sudden damage (such as a sudden break of the piston rod of the forging hammer), resulting in serious injury accidents. Press (such as hydraulic press, crank hot die forging press, flat forging press, fine press), shearing press, etc. at work, although the impact is small, but the sudden damage of equipment and other circumstances also occur from time to time, operators often catch off guard, may also lead to industrial injury accidents.

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