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The Features Forged From The Perspective Of Safety And Labor Protection

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2018

The features forged from the perspective of safety and labor protection are:

(5) the force of forging equipment at work is very large, such as the crank press, tensile forging press and hydraulic press. Although their working conditions are relatively stable, the force generated by their working parts is very large, such as the l2,000 t forging hydraulic press that has been manufactured and used in China. Is the common l00 ~ 150 t press, the power is enough. If the mold is not properly installed or operated, most of the action is not on the workpiece, but on the mold, tool, or part of the equipment itself. In this way, some kind of installation adjustment error or tool operation improper, may cause machine parts damage and other serious equipment or personal accident. (6) the tools and auxiliary tools of the forger, especially the tools of hand forging and free forging, clamps, etc., are put together. At work, tools are replaced frequently and stored in a messy way, which inevitably makes it more difficult to check them. When a tool is needed in forging but cannot be found quickly, similar tools can sometimes be used "temporarily", often resulting in work-related accidents. (7) as the forging equipment produces noise and vibration during operation, it makes the work place noisy, affects people's hearing and nervous system, and diversifies the attention, thus increasing the possibility of accidents.

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