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Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Hydraulic transmission has many prominent advantages, so it is widely used, such as general industrial plastic processing machinery, pressure machinery, machine tools; Construction machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, automobile, etc. of walking machinery; Metallurgical machinery, lifting device and roll adjusting device used in iron and steel industry; Floodgates and dykes, riverbed lifting devices and bridge operating mechanisms for civil and water conservancy projects; Power plant turbine speed regulating device, nuclear power plant and so on; Deck lifting machinery (winch), bow door, bulkhead valve and stern propeller used by the ship; Giant antenna control devices for special technologies, measuring buoys, lifting and rotating stages, etc.; Artillery maneuvering device, ship anti-rolling device, aircraft simulation, aircraft landing gear retracting and releasing device and rudder control device for military industrial use.

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