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Types Of Excavator Parts And Purchasing Skills

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2018

Excavators are large consumables. Apart from the daily consumption of oil, all functional parts wear out all the time. To a certain extent, they need to be repaired, maintained or even replaced. As a result, the accessories are not unfamiliar to engineering mechanics, but the same as the ingredients of a humble meal. However, regarding the newbie, the classification of accessories and the difference between real and fake needs more learning: if the replacement is not timely, it will affect the function of excavator. Moreover, the accessories market water is very deep, the good and the bad are intermingled, the new people are completely indistinguishable.

Eight kinds of accessories

Large and small arms, excavator extended arms, extended arms (including two extended arms and three extended arms, the latter being the demolition arm)

Circulating dredge, rock bucket, reinforcing bucket, gutter bucket, grate fight, sieve mesh bucket, cleaning bucket, skew bucket, thumb bucket, trapezoid bucket;

Torque hook, rotary hydraulic grab, hydraulic gripper, gripper, gripper, gripper, mechanical gripper, quick change joint, loose earth device;

Quick connection of excavator, excavating oil cylinder, crushing hammer, hydraulic shear, hydraulic tamper, sensational hammer, bucket teeth, gear seat, crawler, sprocket and supporting heavy wheel;

Engine, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, center reversal, reverse support, walking drive, cab, operating valve, overflow valve, main control multi-way valve, etc

6. Electric parts

All landowners chassis parts

End hydraulic parts

Matters needing attention

When purchasing excavator parts must be according to the types of excavators to pick, because of the different types of accessories is not the same as applied to the excavator, so just to clarify the types of excavators required parts, to purchase the most suitable excavator accessories. When buying excavator parts, it's best to take the original with you and make a reference photo. Most excavator parts have regular types and technical parameters. When choosing new parts, it is best to have the best match in material, scale or quality.

Purchasing excavator parts is a very detailed work, accessories to choose owe good, easy cause the function of the excavator and security, in order to prevent delay work, advance the work efficiency, the choose and buy excavator parts from in line with the best procurement, falling risk as far as possible.

True and false distinction method

Accessories are divided into original factory parts, fitting factory parts and auxiliary factory parts. The main machine factory buys from supporting production factories and sells them as after-sales repair parts. The quality is guaranteed, but the quotation is expensive. The original supporting production of the main engine is OEM, which is the same quality as the pure parts. The packaging is different, but the quotation is lower than the pure parts. However, due to the high quotation of original factory parts and fittings, many customers' cars will be replaced by auxiliary factory parts after the warranty period. Deputy factory a refers to the production factory authorized manufacturer to produce accessories, it marked with its name, also has its trademark, but did not produce manufacturer brand LOGO, it will write "applied to xx, xx model". These spare parts are usually produced in small factories, but there are also some large factories in the world.

As for the original factory parts that should be selected after all, the users can say that there are different opinions. Some users advocate the use of pure original factory parts, which can protect the machine to the greatest extent. However, some users also claim that, in addition to the important parts used in the original factory, some unimportant parts can also be replaced by auxiliary parts.

Judging from the quotation, usually the prices of fake goods are only a fraction of the real ones. If you find the price difference between the commodity and the normal price when you buy the parts, you should be on your toes. In addition, if have a businessman to say what do not contain tax and "aquatic goods" the word such as, also often be to cover up to pretend to be fake and inferior commodity, with low price attractive go up the hook excuse.

According to the packaging for identification, professional fitting factory accessories packaging manufacturing exquisite, color, pattern, style have certain rules, it is usually difficult to copy the same. The packaging of the copy is rough and simple to make. But some copy makers rely on the modern advanced printing technology to make the packaging of the parts very vivid, if not carefully identified, it is difficult to distinguish.

Machinery parts usually have external packaging and internal packaging, external packaging has packaging boxes, packaging boxes; The inner packing is usually marked with wrapping paper and plastic or paper bags. On the outer packing (box) of pure imported parts, there are manufacturer's common, clear printing, excellent paper, and marked with part number, title, quantity and production factory and country. And copy of the label printing is not fine, the color is not the light is heavy, it is hard to together with pure package, using computer to print part Numbers, produce the color of the manufacturer's symbol of light or heavy, carefully identify, can distinguish authenticity.

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