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What Is The Requirement For The Assembly Of The Excavator Parts

Hangzhou Dingteng Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2018

Assembly can not be taken for granted, must be assembled in accordance with the order and regulations, otherwise it is easy to cause failure, explain how to assemble the excavator parts: the parts must be cleaned before assembly and attention should be paid to the following items: (1) the bolt should be tightened according to the specified torque. (2) the gasket, O ring and pin should be renewed. (3) when the rubber pipe is installed, it must not be twisted. There must be no interlacing and interference between each tubing, and no right angle bending can not be made to affect the flow. (4) if sealants need to be used, the surface of the parts or pads must be cleaned and the liner is checked for damage, and then the sealant is evenly coated. There is no discontinuous phenomenon in the middle. (5) the quality of the parts should be strictly checked and the rust on the surface of the parts should be removed before installation. (6) when installing sliding or rotating parts, a layer of hydraulic oil should be coated on the surface of the parts to form oil film. (7) when pressing parts, it is necessary to apply anti friction agents on the surface of the parts. Antiwear hydraulic oil can also be replaced when no conditions are available. (8) after installing the clip spring, check whether it is embedded in the ring groove. (9) when connecting conductors, clean up the dirt and water on the plug and plug the plug tightly. There must be no loose or bad contact. (10) tighten the bolts evenly when tightening the flange, and pay attention to the installation position and direction of the flange. Liaoning Tieling excavator training school reminds you: learn the technology of digging and driving, repair and so on. Please check carefully before reporting, so as not to be deceived.

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